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Why should your business have a website?

Why should your business have a website?

During the last 30 years, the need for companies to be present on the Internet has grown so much that they have ended up revolutionizing the way we do business.

Companies began to create promotional messages through email, search engines, social networks and all kinds of banners. The creative areas faced a new challenge and, today, it is unthinkable to have a business without a digital presence.

Having a presence on the Internet is a great opportunity for Small and Medium Businesses. In Mexico there are 4 million 15 thousand businesses, of which 99.8% are SMEs. According to the Ministry of Economy, only 30% of these companies use some Information and Communication Technology such as a computer and the Internet. Despite this amount, electronic commerce in Mexico during 2015 was $ 257.09 billion pesos, 59% more than the previous year and we are sure that the figures will continue to increase.

Nowadays, having a website gives us credibility with potential clients and helps us to be visible in search engines, hence the importance of creating a structure in which the content is relevant. Consider that many visits to your site will be from people who do not know your brand, include their physical location, telephone number, contact email and / or social networks, as well as high-quality photographs of your products.

Where to start?

The first step to be on the Internet is to register a domain, that is, the address or name that we will use to identify a website on the Internet. Take care that it is memorable and that it relates to your company, product or service.

The domain that represents Mexico in the world is .MX, this ending is an excellent option to reach the Mexican market or to make ourselves known as a Mexican company that offers national products or services. Some search engines favor those domain names that help to identify the place where they are located so that a domain brings you closer to those who search for your products or services in the country.

In Mexico there are more than 65 million Internet users, so a .MX is an excellent option to focus your communication or connect with all of them.

If you already know the name you are interested in, you can do a quick search on the website Akky and check in a matter of seconds if the name you chose is available. The registration process is very simple and there are no restrictions to be able to register a name, as long as it is available.

SMEs can significantly increase their sales by having an effective website. By giving customers the ability to order or request products or services online , the shopping experience becomes much easier and more accessible. Your business will be in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and distances will no longer be an obstacle.

What are you waiting to start enjoying the benefits of having your own website?

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