Broken ties

Broken link building is an effective, scalable, and content-centric link building strategy that builds links by finding broken links, then recreating that broken content and helping webmasters replace broken links with your corrected link.

We use a variety of tools and methods to identify sites with broken links and then we use human reach to contact webmasters. This process works so well because nobody wants a ton of dead links on their website. You benefit from a new high-quality link. The blogger benefits because he has just solved a problem that in many cases he did not even know existed. This is a win for both parties.

These are real links, from real sites, from real pages that are well established.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the expected average domain authority?
Average DA usually appears somewhere between 20 and 20 by Moz. However, with the basic broken link building product, we do not offer any guarantees regarding DA. Customers who buy 10 or more links often see an average of DA 30+. If you require a guaranteed DA, we also offer those options by offering a guaranteed DA 20+ option and a DA 30+ option for a small additional fee.

What is Broken Link Building's 1000 Referrer Domain Product?
We are targeting very high quality websites that have a minimum of 1000 referring domains. We do our best to find a niche that matches your niche, although we cannot guarantee it. This product does not focus on DA, but we guarantee that the minimum domain authority you will see on this product is a DA40. These are very powerful sites. Established sites, where your link will appear in existing content, not new content, so the benefit you receive occurs almost instantly.

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