EDU Scholarship Links

The benefits of acquiring links from EDU sites that point to your target domain (s) need no explanation. These are 100% legitimate links placed on real pages by internal staff members on these EDU sites. They are not links from EDU forum pages that contain spam.

We have developed long-term connections with several different EDU sites, allowing us, through a scholarship campaign, to establish links for our clients.

This is what the service is (in a nutshell):

We launched a scholarship on behalf of your website. This scholarship that will be offered by your website is posted (for students to know about) on 5-15 EDU sites (your choice of volume) on their own scholarship pages. Links pointing to your scholarship offer will be placed on these EDU sites.

Once the scholarship deadline is reached, you will pay $ 500 to the scholarship winner. So, it is the fact that you are giving away a $ 500 scholarship to a student of your choice (who applies) that results in EDU linking up with you. Of course, they want to advertise scholarships like this to their students to help them!

The scholarship deadline will be ~ 365 days in the future from the date you place your order.

It is your responsibility to pay the scholarship, we cannot do it on your behalf. Fear not, as we will remind you before the deadline approaches.

This is the step by step process:

After placing an order, we will create a unique scholarship page for your site with a scholarship "deadline" date that is approximately 365 days in the future.

You need to load this page on your website, and that's where the links will point from the EDU sites. Usually at

Once the page is live on your site, we will begin contacting our EDU contacts. A link pointing to your scholarship page will be placed on 5 to 15 different EDU sites. We can't start linking to your site until the page is live, for obvious reasons!

After 45 days, you will receive your 10 DF links from EDU sites pointing to the scholarship page on your site. ~ 365 days in the future, you are expected to pay the scholarship fee of $ 500 to an applicant of your choice (you will receive emails about this from students).

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