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Prestige links :

Prestige links are links from sites that have a completely different level of link power than you normally see. These are the big ones. Major League Baseball Sites. You can't get links here unless you have an 'in'. We are talking about sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur. EDU links to Ivy League schools. And we are talking about real blog posts. Links that are in the content. To ensure a reputable link, we must first approve your site, as there are restrictions on what these sites will post, but let's say if you are a mainstream business, there is probably no problem. Be sure to discuss these links with your fully managed account representative before placing your order.

If you want to bury your competition, this is how you can do it.

MAX Power Media:

Looking for top-of-the-line contextual links? Links where do you choose the site? These are high-powered domains, each with a minimum of 10,000 REAL unique visitors per month from Google, and most have tens of thousands more.

Through our industry connections, we are able to negotiate placements on powerful sites like Marketwatch.com (a DA90 + site) and many more that contain links to your target site.

What is DA? Domain authority? It is one of the main metrics that Google uses to judge the value of a site. A site that is a DA40 + is a really powerful site. A site that is a DA90 + is in a different power stratosphere. How are these links different from guest posts?

The short answer is that the DA of these sites is much higher than our top-tier DA40 + guest posts. All MAX Power sites are above DA70 +. Also, for the most part, you can't appear on these sites unless you know someone.

Platinum Media:

Platinum Media sites are very similar to Max Power sites, with the main difference that the domain authority of Platinum Media sites varies between DA50 and DA70. These are premium sites.

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