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Two offers
Express (No review available) and newsworthy press releases.

Express press releases are designed for those who are not really newsworthy, but want to take advantage of the link juice that a press release can provide. We create a story based on the information you provide us, essentially we are creating a newsworthy event for you where none exists. An Express PR goes straight to distribution after we write it. Since this is not an actual newsworthy event, content review with an Express PR is not possible.

Our newsworthy professional press release (including writing and distribution) and is a high-quality, professional press release service. Our team of highly-trained American press release writers will create a powerful press release for you on anything except gambling, adult products, and prescription drugs. Please note that if you need any modifications to your contact email, contact name or contact telephone number, this differs from the information originally provided on the order form. You may review this press release before submitting it to our distribution network.

IMPORTANT: Once we have written this PR, you will be asked to review it before it can be continue distribution. We'll send you an EM when it's written, but be sure to check your "Orders / Manage Press Releases".

The media do not accept press releases that promote or link to the following:

  • Press releases promoting mortgage, payday, cash, short or long-term loans
  • Press releases promoting sexual enhancement escorts, products or supplements.
  • Press Releases Promoting Erectile / Impotent Dysfunction, Herpes Cure.
  • Press releases containing radical or political views or opinions.
  • Press releases containing radical religious views or opinions.
  • Press releases promoting online gambling.
  • Topics on e-cigarettes, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or ANY dietary supplement and more.
  • Press releases promoting illegal / "gray area" content, such as unlocking an iPhone, hacking, cracks and other illegal means to circumvent a game's restrictions.
  • Press releases on topics related to MMO and MLM

Your press release will have a 98% chance of being featured in Google News, as well as The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald, and hundreds or thousands more.

Reports: Each order comes with a report that contains all the sites that have immediately published their press release. Note that this will not include the hundreds or thousands of additional sites that will pick up your post via RSS feeds. The best way to determine how many sites have indexed your press release is to search the PR title in quotes, on Google.

Some content examples:

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