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Zenreach is a Wi-Fi System with Smart Marketing that gives wireless internet to business customers and records their network data, birthdays and emails sending them smart surveys, promotions and congratulations, making them stay longer and physically return to consume more and more.

In itself it is a wireless router with a value of 15 thousand pesos with high security and scope that connects to the Modem of Telmex or your internet provider and extends the signal for customers or visitors and connects through their networks or email thus granting access to their demographic data, birthdays, anniversaries and others. < span>

When the customer returns to the business through Zenreach's automated and intelligent advertising, the system automatically gives them access and detects the visit statistics and calculates the consumption for each returning customer.

Zenreach Incremen sales in 4 ways:

  • 1) Attract more customers with free Wi-Fi.
  • 2) It makes them spend more time and consume more in the establishment.
  • 3) Follow up customers by email and networks so they return with incentives.
  • 4) Maximize your good reputation on social media by posting the best customer satisfaction ratings.



We will turn your WiFi into a source of contact collection power.

You will know the email, the demographic information and the behavior of your customers' visits.
And everything happens automatically through your new portal brand login.

Connect clients

Connect with your customers

Zenreach helps you set up a modem
Free WiFi for your customers, with a portal
home personalized session in your business.

Understand base

Understand your base

As your customers join your WiFi, we will automatically build a complete customer list with visit history, social media, and demographic information and contact information.

Grow your business < / div>

Grow your business

Zenreach creates smart marketing campaigns to find your best new customers and keep your customers loyal. and we can tell you who walked into your door.


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