Estudios sicioeconomico.

Estudios sicioeconomico.

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The socioeconomic study is an investigation that allows us to check if the candidates have the profile that your company needs. It is a process that aims to collect and collate economic, family and employment information, said data is obtained from both the investigated and third parties: neighbors, human resources employees, colleagues, among others.


- Validate that the information provided by the candidate during the interview and through his CV is real.
- Helps to make correct decisions in the recruitment and selection process .
- Reduction of costs due to unsuitable staff terminations and reduction of staff turnover.
- Prevention of possible legal problems by knowing the legal history of the candidate.

We have coverage at the level of the Mexican Republic and our greatest interest is to be a reliable, concrete and clear tool for the selection of your personnel.

Our services consist of:

1.- Call the candidate to the office for an interview in our office to gather information.

2.- Make a physical visit to your home to verify the information I provide. (Photos on the facade of the home, interior, room where the candidate appears

3.- Neighborhood and family references.

4.- Labor reference.

5.- Give the result if your hiring is viable or not, based on the evidence collected.


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