Registration of your brand before the IMPI

Registration of your brand before the IMPI

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Do you know how inventions are protected?

According to the Industrial Property Law, an invention is any human creation that allows transforming matter or energy that exists in nature, for its use by man and satisfying his specific needs.

Before submitting an application to the IMPI, it is important to know the requirements and characteristics that must be met.

  1. Inventions must be new, the result of an inventive activity and must have an industrial application. You get patent protection for products and processes.

  2. They are registrable under the figure of industrial design, industrial drawings, combinations of figures, lines or colors that are incorporated into an industrial product for ornamentation purposes and that give it a peculiar and proper appearance, and industrial models that are shapes Three-dimensional that serve as a type or pattern for the manufacture of an industrial product, which gives it a special appearance, as long as it does not imply a technical effect. Industrial designs that are new and have an industrial application are registrable.

  3. Objects, utensils, devices or tools that, as a result of a modification in their arrangement, configuration, structure or shape, present a different function with respect to the parts that comprise it or advantages, in terms of its usefulness. The utility models that are new and have industrial application are registrable.

More information at: /130285/Ley_de_la_Propimonio_Industrial.pdf

http: //www.gob .mx / impi / actions-and-programs / topics-of-interest-frequently-questions-patents? state = published

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