Renovación Anual de Pagina web

Renovación Anual de Pagina web

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Annual Website Renewal (Host and Domain)

The renewal of the Domain and its Web Hosting or Hosting, must be carried out annually to keep your site or web page active. 

The Advantages in the renewal of our Domain and Web Hosting or Hosting is in the SEO Positioning.

  • The positioning that our site is acquiring since over time it is adding many more points. This means that the older a site, the more important it is for search engines. This is part of SEO positioning (Positioning in Search Engines or Search Engines). By revamping our site, we are telling search engines that the website will continue for one more year. Obviously if we renew two years or more, this generates more points.
  •  Emails are no longer received when your Domain and / or your Web Hosting or Hosting have been suspended.
  • The web page, which has some keywords positioned in search engines and they will be lost when they visit your page again and do not see. For example, if on your website, they sell car audio and in the search engines you already have some keywords positioned, for example, "car audio kia cerato" or some similar ones, they will be lost when your Domain and Web Hosting or Hosting, stop being active.
  • The renovation processes are really simple and do not require more knowledge. In the company where you have registered your Domain and Web Hosting or Hosting they can help you.
  • The costs are very low, and they are not a valid excuse not to do it.
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