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We specialize in providing IT and marketing solutions for businesses targeting the Hispanic community in the USA and entering Latin American markets. Our team follows a success methodology that ensures goals are met within a roadmap of deadlines from day one. We place an 8 person team for each client to ensure personalized attention and exceptional results.

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Welcome to Edubusiness Consulting, your full-stack IT and marketing services provider. Our team of experts has helped over 100 companies achieve success with a cumulative experience of over 30 years. Based in Provo, Utah and offices in Mexico and Brazil, we serve businesses around the world.

Mission: To be a leading vanguard business consultancy at the regional and state level; Without having limits in the service, quality and attention to our clients, to establish a bond with them that is strong and indestructible.

Vision: Establish an innovative marketing system, focused on the real needs of our clients. Promote culture and values, in a scheme full of creativity, proposals and own projects.

Objective: Support our clients to grow, increase their sales and position their brands among the leaders, through training and high-impact marketing activities and a low monetary budget.


We understand that businesses face several challenges while targeting the Hispanic community in the USA and entering Latin American markets. Our solutions help overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and other challenges that businesses face while expanding their reach.


Specialized: At EduBusiness, we are a group of people specialized in different marketing fields who, together, form a novel and original assembly aimed at increasing the projection (physical and digital) of our clients .

Updated: With state-of-the-art technology and experts in computing, marketing, audiovisuals and social networks, we are pioneers in offering quality services to Small, Medium and Large Companies.

Transcendent: We do not seek only to communicate. The main goal is to record an experience for the rest of life, for both the consumer and the brand, and create a connection that cannot be destroyed.


We offer all our services for the price of a part-time student employee in the USA. Additionally, businesses that qualify can avail of a 50% discount for the first year, along with a first-month free offer. We also provide a double sales guarantee in the first year, which means we work for free until we achieve it.

Get started today with Esubusiness Consulting and take your business to new heights. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve exponential growth.

Our Pricing Packages

Unlimited Marketing Services

$ 690 Month
  • 1 task at a time
  • 1-2 day delivery
  • Unlimited graphic design.
  • Unlimited video editing.
  • Unlimited web sign
  • Unlimited Copywriting, funnels, translation, email marketing, bot creation,
  • ❌ Backup/ Recovery Server
  • ❌ Dedicated Acct. Executive.
  • ❌ Phone Support

Intermediate Plan


$ 1800 Month
  • 1 Website Design
  • 2 Graphics Design
  • 2 Social Media Management
  • 2 Email Marketing
  • 2 Ad Campaigns
  • 2 SEO & Analytics
  • 2 Community Manager
  • ✔️ 2 Video Monthly.
  • ✔️ Account Manager.
  • ✔️Chat Support From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • ✔️ Phone Support From 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • ✔️ 2 Strategy Meeting
  • ✔️ Dedicated Acct. Executive 15 hrs a week.
  • ❌ Backup/ Recovery Server

Full Plan


$ 2500 Month
  • 1 Website Design
  • 3 Graphics Design
  • 3 Social Media Management
  • 3 Email Marketing
  • 3 Ad Campaigns
  • 3 SEO & Analytics
  • 3 Community Manager
  • ✔️ Unlimited Videos.
  • ✔️ Account Manager.
  • ✔️ Unlimited Chat Support
  • ✔️ Unlimited Phone Support
  • ✔️ 4 Strategy Meeting
  • ✔️ Dedicated Acct. Executive 40 hrs a week.
  • ✔️Backup/ Recovery Server
  • ✔️Aleaxa Smart Assistant included.

Our Testimonial

Edubusiness has been great for several months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. They have been super reliable and friendly, making our lives easier and increasing our marketing reach. We have also been impressed with the superb quality of their work and the reasonable price they charge. We highly recommend them!

Teresa Chávez Marketing Director BMVNT/B-Epic

I have been working with Edubsuiness Consulting LLC for a couple of years now and I am extremely happy with the results. Their design team is amazing and they are very consistent with their work. They have great communication and offer nice affordable packages. Their unlimited design service and email marketing are have been invaluable to us. I highly recommend them!

Esther Sebald Manager at APLGO USA

I recently had the pleasure of partnering with Edubsuiness Consulting for our marketing and sales campaigns. Their USA team was friendly and knowledgeable, and they were able to quickly set up our sales funnels and scale our paid ads. Additionally, their market research was effective, their focus groups and white papers were successful. I would while heartedly recommend the Edubsuiness folks for any business's marketing needs.

Carter Buck CEO, Engagex

Happy to work with Edubsuiness on our Teamdial software as a service launch campaigns. Their creative team was able to bring our ideas to life and the content marketing was second to none. The team was energetic and friendly, and their startup experience was invaluable. I would highly recommend Edubusiness for any marketing needs.

Kelsey McFadden Team Dial

While working with Edubsuiness for over a decade and I can say they have been an invaluable asset to our business. They have provided us with a full marketing team and have helped us scale our franchises nationwide. They are true problem solvers and have always been there to help us out when we need it. I highly recommend Edubsuiness for any marketing consulting needs.

Luis torres Franchise Director, Cómeme International LLC

For a few years now, edubusiness had been our to-go marketing service provider and I can confidently say that they are a great marketing firm. They have been very supportive throughout the entire process, providing consistent guidance and knowledge. They have helped me to understand the nuances of marketing and I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend!

Mandie Youngman General manager, Pain & injury clinic of Utah

I had the pleasure of working with Edubsuiness on a large marketing project. They were incredibly professional and friendly, and completed the project on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and friendly marketing agency.

Rocky García CEO-Founder, IMVNT

I have been working with Edubsuiness for the past year and a half and I am extremely satisfied with their services. They are a creative and experienced marketing agency that has generated more sales for our business. What I appreciate the most is that they are very affordable and all of their professionals are in the same time zone, which makes communication much easier. I highly recommend Edubsuiness to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable marketing agency.

JC VP of Marketing at B-epic USA